• Look beyond, together.
    Sensitivity for people.
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    Look beyond, together.
    Sensitivity for people.
    Growth for companies.



Rete Etica is a reality composed of independent professionals, with unique stories and skills, distinctive elements that allow you to offer qualified advice that correlates rules and values.

The project of Rete Etica was born in Bologna from the desire of the founders to set up a working group based on relationships and on clear and shared values. In fact, ethics identifies a precise mode of behavior in the life of relationships and is an essential character of the forensic profession.

Rete Etica is a network that works in synergy, to meet the needs, also multidisciplinary, of the clients with whom a dynamic relationship is established.

The expertises gained over the years are enhanced by an articulated organization of skills, as well as by the creation of working groups, to offer customized solutions and complete responses, not limited to the legal aspects.

“The ethical attitude is the one that would adopt a calculating mind, after having done well its own accounts”
– Zygmunt Bauman



Rete Etica is a network of professionals that offers interdisciplinary legal assistance throughout Italy, both out of court and in the process of litigation.

We build a tailor-made path, without concealing the strengths and weaknesses of the issues submitted to the client. We reconcile advantages, costs and time, proposing the best solutions in line with the interests pursued.



Our approach starts with a consultation aimed at identifying the problems and objectives of the client.

Rete Etica provides legal assistance that combines speed and care: this is why we focus our activities in specific areas of law.

We prefer simple and fluid communication.
We combine knowledge and technology to manage needs efficiently, streamlining time and costs.

We operate in a sustainable manner, acting in accordance with the human-environment balance.



We participate passionately in a common project. We build synergistic relationships and adapt to change.

We feel free to choose independently. We work together to realize an ideal of inclusive organization, taking inspiration from our being women.

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