We invest

in quality

The quality is doing things right, even when no one’s looking.
What characterizes Rete Etica is that every professional has specific skills matured over time: these are combined, creating an interdisciplinary consultancy able to guarantee a complete and effective assistance.
In order to integrate different experiences within the same context, Rete Etica has cultivated collaborations with external professionals, experts in areas of activities complementary to the services offered by the team: thanks to this synergy, can protect customers in matters that also involve criminal law, employment advice and other technical disciplines.


Private law


Rete Etica guarantees assistance in every branch of Private law, both in the pre-litigation phase and in any subsequent judicial phase, in every degree of judgment.
We take care of all contractual aspects -for individuals and companies-. We handle credit recovery and its execution phase.
Significant experience has been gained in the field of civil liability as well as property -by way of example, communion and condominiums, leases and evictions, usufruct, immissions-.
With particular attention, we deal with family law -separations, divorces, successions, donations-, the right of minors and personality rights -including, living will, administration support, right to name-.

Labour Law

Rete is work

We provide assistance in the out-of-court phase and in every degree of judgment, starting from a complete examination of the employment relationship -both private and public-.
For the benefit of both parties to the contract, we deal with the management of the relationship: from the stage of establishment -examination and drafting of the contract, ancillary clauses and individual agreements- to that of execution -tasks and qualification of staff, salary differences, working hours, transfers, disciplinary proceedings- until termination -individual and collective dismissals, resignation-.
We manage the recovery of work and social security debts, including through access to the Guarantee Fund.
We provide for the drafting of company regulations and disciplinary codes, as well as transactions and conciliatory agreements.
Rete Etica also provides advice to self-employed workers and direct training to companies; assists companies in case of inspections, litigation with bodies or trade union negotiations.
Significant experience has been gained in the field of due diligence and human resource management strategy.

Business law

RETE is quality

We provide continuous guidance to companies, ensuring full support in their ordinary and extraordinary management.
We deal with drafting contracts, -including confidentiality agreements, agency, mediation, procuring business, buying and selling, administration, franchising, supply, procurement, commercial leases-, managing negotiations with interested parties, identifying the most appropriate contractual formula.
We assist companies in their management, from the establishment with definition of the statutory structures, operations such as: transformations, mergers, disposals, leases of companies, drafting of commercial agreements-.
Rete Etica also provides assistance to the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Shareholders’ Meeting with the completion of the necessary formalities and participation, where required, with the role of Company Secretary.
We handle litigation, preferring -where possible- Alternative Dispute Resolution.
We provide legal assistance in insolvency proceedings from the initiation to the conclusion of the proceedings.

Data protection


We provide legal assistance for the protection of personal data to companies and individuals.
Rete Etica also structures and reviews procedures for companies and prepare documentation related to data processing, provides support for the implementation of effective and sustainable strategies, with direct contact with companies to bring them up to date in ever-changing legislation.
We deal with the drafting and revision of contracts involving the processing of personal data, such as: information on the processing of data, contracts for the appointment of data processors, appointments of data controllers, registers, procedures and all that is necessary to implement Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
We assist individuals in proceedings before the Data Protection Authority, as well as in actions for damages arising from the unlawful processing of personal data.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

The settlement of a dispute outside the court with the assistance of an impartial body is a valuable opportunity for the parties to the dispute to reach agreement in full autonomy and mutual satisfaction.
For this reason, we consider it essential to evaluate in advance alternative solutions that, relevant and close to the needs of the parties, allow an effective saving of time and resources.
We have the expertise of professionals who are experts in alternative dispute resolution procedures, with the advantage of offering a quick, simple and out-of-court solution to disputes between consumers and businesses.

Legal Outsourcing

Timely and qualified updating is a decisive business factor. Rete Etica believes in alliances for the growth of businesses, also offering services of legal in-house.
We deal with assistance and advice to the various business units, risk assessment, drafting contracts (national and international) and keeping social books. Outstanding services include litigation management and debts collection. Significant experience has also been gained in corporate compliance, HR support and management training.

Credit Recovery

We have gained considerable experience in credit management, assisting its customers in recovery operations, both in the out-of-court and judicial phase. We assist both companies and individuals, using highly procedures.

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In art

we trust.

Art and culture refer to a concept of beauty that provides man with better tools for social and civil coexistence. We support independent art.



Gender diversity is a value that can benefit both people and business. Rete Etica is composed only of women: as professionals, we work constantly inspired by an organizational model capable of including and increasing female participation.



Our professional activity is a social commitment. Every year we provide free advice to people, NGOs, organizations or associations that share our values.



We are registered on the list of lawyers entitled to legal aid in order to guarantee access to the right of defence to persons unable to obtain their own legal aid for their inability to bear the cost.

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